Grant’s $5k Challenge Grant

Are you up to the challenge to protect Panthertown?

Grant’s $5k Challenge Grant will match up to $2,500 of donations made before the end of this year.


Panthertown Valley’s thousands of acres and more than 30 miles of maintained public trails are in our backyard. The challenge is to have five neighbors donate $500 each, and Grant and Michele Campbell will match up to $2,500, to raise $5,000 for Friends of Panthertown in support of conservation, education, and stewardship in Panthertown Valley.

To accept the challenge:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation of at least $500 towards this challenge.
    (Or you may mail a check to: Friends of Panthertown P.O. Box 51, Cashiers, NC 28717)

  • Grant and Michele will then match the first 5 donations of $500 each, up to $2,500. (You may contribute more if you wish! Grant will match the first $500 of your donation.)

  • Go enjoy Panthertown Valley!

Why you should give to Friends.

Friends of Panthertown staff and volunteers care deeply about conserving and being good stewards of this special place. There are lots of work projects to do, and the Stew Crew maintains 30 miles of trails.

How else you can help.

You can volunteer on the trails, as a maintainer or ambassador, in the office, out in the community, and in our neighborhood.

Pantehrtown Valley Volunteers 2021

About Grant’s 5k Challenge.

Grant and Michele love hiking in Panthertown and are long time
supporters of Friends of Panthertown. They will be happy to match your generosity!

Friends of Panthertown does a terrific job at stewarding one of our greatest natural assets and ensuring its sustainability for future generations to come. Their efforts are invaluable and we are so lucky to have such a dedicated team.

Nick Breedlove, Executive Director, Jackson County Tourism Development Authority