Climbing in Panthertown

Panthertown provides advanced climbers with plenty of adventure.

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and should be performed only with the proper equipment, and the instruction and supervision of an experienced climber.

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Participate at your own risk.

External climbing links featuring Panthertown Valley:

Laurel Knob

The tallest cliff in the Eastern U.S., Laurel Knob was the first acquisition in the Carolina Climber Coalition‘s history. Big and wild, Laurel is home to fantastic slab and water groove climbing. Laurel’s remote location and height make for a truly unique experience and it’s likely you will be the only party on the cliff, or at least it can feel that way. The approach is long, but it’s well worth the walk.

Big Green
Panthertown Blooms (September 2020)

Big Green Mountain has 22 routes, mostly trad climbing.

Black Rock
Panthertown Blooms (September 2020)

Blackrock Mountain has 10 routes, all rock climbing.

Please note: there was a rock slide in May 2021 that altered the face of Great Wall