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Panthertown Stewardship Fund

Support the conservation, stewardship, and maintenance needs of Panthertown Valley.

Thanks to all who made our first ever Panthertown Stewardship Fund campaign so successful. We were able to accomplish our goals in 2022 because of your generosity! We encourage you to renew you support in 2023. 

Schoolhouse Falls 2020

Give Today, Protect For Tomorrow

Friends, your gift is an investment in conservation that will make an impact in Panthertown. We invite you to participate as a partner in our shared stewardship of this special place.

Give generously towards conservation of this treasured backcountry.

Panthertown Volunteers (September 2020)

Your gift will support trail work and maintenance of 30 miles of public trails.

Panthertown Volunteers (September 2020)

Help us improve the quality and experience of recreational opportunities.

Panthertown Valley – Nantahala National Forest

Our Trail Maintaining By The Numbers (2022)


acres of forest protected


miles of trails maintained


# of trail work project days


# of volunteers on the trails


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on the ground

Thank you to our staff and volunteers for all their hard work.
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Working To Protect & Maintain Panthertown

Our Trail Stewardship Crew is working hard on your behalf.

  • We engage volunteers in on-the-ground efforts at trail work days.
  • We foster environmental stewardship through outreach and education.
  • We restore and maintain 30 miles of public non-motorized trails.
  • We construct and repair trailhead facilities, bridges, and existing structures.
  • We protect natural resources and monitor fragile ecosystems.
  • We collaborate with stakeholders to develop solutions to natural resource issues.
  • We provide funding for conservation projects through grants and donations.

“Doing Great Work”

This nonprofit group has been doing great work, as a partner of the Nantahala Ranger District for near 15 years, protecting and maintaining the unique beauty of Panthertown Valley.

They are committed to modern, sustainable trail management and maintenance techniques. They offer public education, such as Leave No Trace programs, for area youth groups such as the local Boys and Girls Club and for adults. 

They are actively and intelligently planning for the evident increased popularity of Panthertown Valley and developing relationships with area residents, businesses, and outdoor interest groups.

— Charly Aurelia, crew leader, stewardship professional

Friends of Panthertown

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Photo of Schoolhouse Falls
by Thomas Mabry

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Terrific Job At Stewarding”

Friends of Panthertown does a terrific job at stewarding one of our greatest natural assets and ensuring its sustainability for future generations to come. Their efforts are invaluable and we are so lucky to have such a dedicated team.

Nick Breedlove, Executive Director, Jackson County Tourism Development Authority

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very Large Impact

Board and staff members actively lead educational hikes and organize volunteers on trail maintenance outings; they have programs to teach young people to appreciate and care for the wilderness. For a small organization Friends of Panthertown has a very large impact and performs a very valuable role.

Virginia Willard
volunteer, Friend

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Highly Committed”

Friends of Panthertown is an amazing organization committed to protecting the vast 6000 plus acres we all love to experience! This group works diligently all year to organize trail maintenance work days, support conservation efforts to benefit this land, and to educate Panthertown users! A highly committed and dedicated group!

Marcia Shawler
volunteer, Friend

Rating: 5 out of 5.


 This area is by far one of the most awesome natural wilderness areas that I have ever been hiking in. There are awesome waterfalls, views from mountain tops, rivers and creeks, and very beautiful plants, trees, and flowers. This is a place that many people love to hike and camp within. We have been very active over the years in seeing that the trails are adequately maintained.

Mike Kettles
volunteer, Friend

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Special Natural Resource”

As a Board member, I can attest to the commitment that Friends of Panthertown has to maintaining the trails in Panthertown Valley and conserving this special natural resource. We rely on volunteers to help us with the trail maintenance, and donors to support the organization financially.

Margaret Carton, President, Friends of Panthertown

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Keep It Up”

Friends of Panthertown uses a volunteer base to maintain the trails. I have been on several of their workdays. What struck me the most was the amount of damage water can do to the trails and how fast it can occur. Panthertown is part of a temperate rain forest and receives approximately 80 inches of rain a year. Without the continual support and labor of FOP the trails would quickly deteriorate. Keep it up FOP. Thank you for your service.

Chris B.
volunteer, Friend

“It Fills Me With Gratitude”

My favorite hike in Panthertown is to the Blackrock Overlook, with its expansive views of the majesty of nature: mountains, skies and green space.

When I sit on that rock and look over the edge, what I see is the same, yet different every time. But mostly it is a place of reflection, of taking a deep breath and reviewing the things that are important to me.

I come to this place many times over the course of a year. It centers me. It fills me with gratitude.

— Virginia Guilfoile, volunteer, Friend of Panthertown

Thank you for helping us protect Panthertown Valley.

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