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Burt Kornegay’s fabulous Guide’s Guide To Panthertown is available from local outfitters and bookstores in the area, or you can
order online directly from Burt at Slickrock Expeditions.


Trails, Natural Features, and History
All new, expanded, waterproof 2015 edition

By Burt Kornegay, a Panthertown guide since 1990, and owner of Slickrock Expeditions

Known as “the Yosemite of the East,” Panthertown Valley offers many miles of trails and footpaths to waterfalls, gorges, rocky overlooks, and deep forests for day hikers and backpackers to explore. Combined with spectacular Bonas Defeat Gorge to the north and Big Pisgah Mountain to the east, the entire 12,000-acre National Forest tract is one of the most varied and beautiful wild areas in the Southern Appalachians.

Many of the trails and footpaths are unmarked by signs or blazes, and hikers will find this Guide’s Guide trail map to be essential in finding their way. The topographic map shows not only all the official Forest Service trails but the many unofficial footpaths as well. On the reverse side is a detailed explanation of Panthertown’s natural and human history, along with suggestions for possible hikes.

Click here to order a Guide’s Guide trail map directly from Burt.

You may also pick up a copy of Burt’s map at your favorite local outdoor outfitter or bookstore. If they don’t have the map in stock, please ask them to contact Burt to order some for their store.

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  1. I am planning a trip to NC in June and I would like go backpacking. I have ordered Burt Kornagay’s book as a guide but I would love suggestions of good 3 day, 8-10 mile per day, backpacking trip. I am in good shape and am an experienced hiker/backpacker. I would like to get off the beaten path and stay away from horses if possible. I am not afraid of hills and map and compass work. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to go or that I should not miss? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Ann,

      did anyone repsond to your inquiry on 8 to 10 mile hikes. we are only wanting to do day hike and NOT overnight so that may limit what you found. Thanks for reply to my email.

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