National Public Lands Day – September 25 Trail Work Day

Autumn is almost upon us and it’s a great time of the year to visit Panthertown Valley and join the Friends of Panthertown in our task of maintaining the official trail system.


National Public Lands Day is the time to give back. If you’ve noticed that the trails you are hiking in the national forests or parks were worn deep from the tread of too many boots, you can do something about it. Volunteer to help fix trails, plant trees and clean-up during the annual National Public Lands Day, September 25, 2010. You won’t be alone. In 2008, more than 120,000 people volunteered, building trails and bridges, removing trash and invasive plants, and planting 1.6 million trees.

Wilderness Falls

The leaves are already starting to fall, and the colors are coming out early this year. This month, we’ll be working on the trails leading to both Wilderness Falls and Granny Burrell Falls. It will be a great day to join us and have a chance to get some end-of-the-season waterfall frolicking in before the water gets too cold to swim.

Panthertown Valley, a 6,300 acre back-country wilderness area and natural wonder, is part of the Nantahala National Forest. With volunteers, Friends of Panthertown maintain and improve the official USDA Forest Service-designated trail system.

Working with other volunteers to maintain and clear trails is fun and a great way to meet other Friends of Panthertown! We hope you’ll bring some friends with you and join us on the trails.

Granny Burrell Falls

We’ll meet at the Salt Rock parking area on Saturday, September 25th at 9:30am. As always, tools will be provided and no experience is necessary.

We expect to hike less than 5 miles and we plan to be finished before 3pm. We would love to have your help, won’t you join us?

Please visit our volunteer information page on our website for more information including what to bring, how to prepare and what to expect.

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