Happy Thanksgiving from Friends of Panthertown

Autumn 2013
Panthertown Valley Autumn 2013 (Photo by Bill Johnson) Click to view full size image.

Thank you for supporting Friends of Panthertown! We appreciate our Friends!

Friends of Panthertown volunteers (November 2013)

Friends of Panthertown volunteers protect and maintain 30 miles of public trails in Panthertown Valley spread out over 6,300 acres. We love Panthertown and we work in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to protect this special place.

We are very thankful for each of our supporting members and volunteers, and the many friends we have met along the trails in 2013. We believe you should be proud of what we have accomplished this past year with your support. We would like to thank each of you for your dedication and commitment to protecting Panthertown. Through generous membership donations and the work of our inspiring volunteers, we have accomplished many important conservation projects this past year.

Our volunteers appreciate your support!

So far in 2013, our volunteers have contributed more than 1,000 hours caring for Panthertown, making recreational improvements, and maintaining 30 miles of public trails for all to enjoy. We have continued our work in collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service to improve the entrance road to Salt Rock Gap, we have expanded the existing trail system by opening up Carlton’s Way to day hikers and backpackers, and we have re-routed the middle section of the popular Wilderness Falls Trail to provide for safer access to this magnificent waterfall destination. There is still much work to be done, and your continued dedication and support is essential for the success of our mission.

Each time you and your friends visit Panthertown Valley you are benefiting from the work Friends of Panthertown does!

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Since 2007, our organization has been instrumental in partnering with the U.S. Forest Service to create and maintain a sustainable trail system in Panthertown Valley. Our volunteers have worked hard, contributing over 8,500 hours valued at more than $146,000 to maintain and improve the public trails in Panthertown!

Our volunteers love Panthertown!

With your help, we have provided funding for much-needed conservation projects, trained and engaged hundreds of volunteers, purchased tools and materials for trail maintenance and improvements, constructed informational bulletin boards at the Salt Rock Gap and Cold Mountain entrances, installed trail markers to help prevent visitors from getting lost, built staircases and repaired bridges throughout the valley, collaborated with multiple user groups to develop solutions to natural resource issues, monitored sensitive and fragile ecosystems, and encouraged environmental stewardship of Panthertown Valley through outreach and education.

We need your continued help to carry on with the work that we do!

Remember, Friends of Panthertown is the only organization tasked by the U.S. Forest Service to protect and maintain this very special place. Each year, more and more people discover this incredible natural treasure. This increase in visitors has brought many dollars into our local economy at a time when it is most needed. However, more feet on the trails means more work needs to be done to maintain this magnificent natural resource throughout the year. The success of our organization’s mission relies on the continued passionate and committed support of dedicated volunteers, members, and donors, just like you!

Friends of Panthertown provides volunteers and funding for much-needed conservation projects in Panthertown Valley.

Happy Thanksgiving from Friends of Panthertown!

There is still much work left to do. We would greatly appreciate your support to help us accomplish important trail projects. Your generous membership donation will also assist us in qualifying for grants for projects such as improving the trailheads at each entrance, creating new interpretive and educational programs for our visitors, and constructing a boardwalk and viewing area for all to enjoy and protect the sensitive ecosystem of the high elevation mountain bog in Panthertown. We are working on your behalf to protect this special place.

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Wishing you and your family a warm and happy holiday season.

Friends of PanthertownFriends of Panthertown
Jason Kimenker, Executive Director
Margaret Carton, President
Mike Purdy, Vice President

2013 Board of Trustees:
Tony Austin, Pat Hawkins, Mike Kettles, Burt Kornegay, William McKee, Dan Pittillo, Margo Purdy, and Tom West

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