Whence These Mountains? The Geology That Makes Cashiers & Panthertown Special

Update: A video of this presentation has been provided courtesy of Canary Coalition.

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View of Panthertown Valley from Blackrock Overlook. Photo by Thomas Mabry.

Whence These Mountains?

The Geology That Makes Cashiers and Panthertown Special

A Free Presentation at Albert Carlton – Cashiers Community Library

Tuesday, July 18 from 5:30 – 7:30pm

Presented by Friends of Panthertown
Refreshments will be served. Admission is free.

Add this event to your FacebookWant to know the history of these mountains? Ever wonder about those big rock walls down in Lonesome Valley and Panthertown Valley? Or why is Cashiers Valley so much higher than the valleys down in Sylva or Franklin, and why do the roads get so steep (and curvy) in all directions?

Panorama from Salt Rock
Panorama of Panthertown Valley from Salt Rock Gap (Photo submitted by Bill Jacobs)

Bill Jacobs got an itch to understand these things, and for the past several years has been taking courses, reading the literature, and doing field trips to get answers. He is not a geologist, but has become a pretty serious geology buff. He has found a remarkable story that he enjoys sharing with his Cashiers neighbors and friends. He will do this in a lecture full of illustrations, photos and rock samples, and with the bare minimum of technical jargon – he has read doctoral dissertations, but he is a layman who uses language and concepts that don’t require a graduate degree.Yeti_Hopper_Raffle_Poster

Learn more about Friends of Panthertown, Panthertown Valley, and the geology of the Cashiers area at this free presentation.

Arrive early for a chance to win one of several Panthertown-related door prizes.

We will also be drawing a winner for our raffle for a YETI cooler. More info about the raffle is here: www.panthertown.org/raffle/

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