How to set up crowdfunding.

Create your own personal page to help this project!

We need your help to get the word out about this project. We are asking you to create a personalized crowdfunding page; this will allow you to set your own goal for fundraising and share to anyone you would like to! 

Suggested language for personal crowdfund page:

Hello Friends!

I am crowdfunding for Friends of Panthertown’s Resource Assessments and Data Analysis project. This project is going to benefit not only Friends of Panthertown, but also the U.S. Forest Service and recreationists that hike, bike, and ride horses in Panthertown. Our local Nantahala Ranger District is relying on the public to help fill in the budget gaps and help plan for the future by supporting Friends of Panthertown in this project. This resource assessment project is THE project that sets the foundation for ALL future projects and maintenance efforts. And we need your help to make this project happen. I am crowdfunding for this project because I support Friends of Panthertown. Help me reach my goal by November 20th!

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  • Once you have created your page, you can share it via text, email, and social media to your circle and start fundraising. 

For an inside scoop on this project, check out and watch our video and read about the positive impact it will have for the future of trails in Panthertown.

We need your commitment to make this project work! We appreciate you!