Fall Color Hike

Tuckasegee ReaderCheck out this great article from the latest issue of the Tuckasegee Reader. Writer Giles Morris shares his Fall Color Hike explorations and photographs of Panthertown Valley with readers of his publication, the Tuckasegee Reader. His hiking recommendations take the reader from the Salt Rock entrance through the valley and back, covering magnificent views of Little Green and Big Green Mountains, Blackrock Overlook and the Great Wall of Panthertown, Granny Burrell Falls and Panthertown Creek. He also agrees with our recommendation to get yourself a copy of Burt Kornegay’s fabulous trail map, A Guide’s Guide To Panthertown Valley, before venturing into the valley. We concur. This is the most important printed guide to have with you on your trail adventures.

Panthertown Valley
View from Overlook Trail in Panthertown Valley (October 2010)

Because Panthertown Valley is a high bowl perched on the slope of the Eastern Continental Divide, the views are fine any time of day. The sun moves across the sky and illuminates the valley in sections. During fall color season, the view from Salt Rock back across the valley is spectacular in the late afternoon.

For a quick-hitter fall color experience, drive to the Breedlove Rd. entrance. It’s a half-mile downhill walk to the Salt Rock overlook, and you’ll get a breathtaking view of Little and Big Green Mountains across the valley. If you’re a photo fiend, this is a can’t miss. Grab a tripod and a snack and watch the shadows extinguish the flaming reds and yellows of the high elevation forest.

For a really titanic fall color hike, you’ll have to block out three or four hours and strap on your hiking shoes for a Figure 8 that includes the views from the Blackrock Overlook and the Great Wall of Panthertown.

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For suggestions on an overnight adventure with waterfalls, check out his equally informative article and video, 24 Hours in Panthertown.

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  1. I’m going up for a horseback ride on Monday. Can’t wait! I get to visit some good friends at Bald Rock and ride a horse that I have worked with for 7 years!

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