Historic Zoologic and Archeologic Find in North Carolina’s Panthertown Valley Stuns Researchers

Ancient Octopus Skeletons Found
Unusual aquatic find prompts further investigation in Appalachia

Historic Zoologic and Archeologic Find in North Carolina’s Panthertown Valley Stuns Researchers

By Ernest Troutlilly

Cashiers, North Carolina – 

A remarkable discovery has occurred in the southwestern portion of North Carolina’s mountain region, close to the Georgia and South Carolina state lines.

Last month’s stunning find has attracted the attention of wildlife biologists and historians from across the globe. Evidence of fossilized remains of ancient Appalachian octopus skeletons were found at the bottom of a high elevation Appalachian mountain bog located in Panthertown Valley on the Nantahala National Forest.

U.S. Forest Service Nantahala District Ranger Troy “Big Daddy” Waskey expressed astonishment, indigestion, and confusion when confronted with the news. He had no comment.

The accidental discovery was made by professional manure haulers on leave from the equine and bovine dung mines of a nearby town. An experienced U.S. Dive Team entered the rare bog with abandoned glee, splashing and frolicking as they searched for signs of intelligent life. Coincidentaly, nearby Frolictown Falls was named for a similar extraterrestrial investigation in the late nineteenth century. No plant or animal species were harmed during the expedition. 

Fossilized Octopus Skeleton
Human-Octopus relations are improving after a remarkable discovery.

Jason Kimenker, Executive Director of Friends of Panthertown remarked, “This may just be a story taller than Big Foot.” A Sasquatch sighting may or may not have been involved during the reporting of this undeniably true story, and while U.S. Fish and Wildlife has not yet responded to our requests for more ketchup with our fries, no witnesses were present to deny this story.  All evidence to the contrary was sufficient to dismiss all claims therefore communicated.

Researchers claim they will find all the the answers to every question before their announcement of the coming ice age.

News at 11.

We hope you enjoyed this cutting-edge crack-pot reporting. Happy April, y’all.

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  1. Panthertown Valley might have some ancient layers of rocks but metamorphism ruined that wild idea for the usual April fool. Some of these rock layers might have had some deposits of cephalopods but the oldest thing we have found now is maybe only 12,000 logs in the bog there. And we have evidence of Amerindians with minor frequency within the last few thousand years. (Chapter 1 on the way JDP).

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